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Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in most developed countries. Fortunately, chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and arthritis – are among the most common and preventable of all health problems.

A chance of recovery or better quality of life can be achieved when dealing with these chronic diseases. Unfortunately, patients and their families are unaware of the depth of resources currently available; some succumb to their illnesses without ever approaching natural medicine, while some others are receptive to natural medicine but lack expertise to implement a program to their best advantage.

Despite advances in medical management and device therapy, cancer maintains a high mortality rate. Conventional therapy such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation may initially appear effective, but may not always guarantee a complete control over the disease. Side effects and unsuccessful outcomes have forced people to search for alternatives to bolster survival odds.

Complementary Adjuvant Medicine (CAM)

Complementary and adjuvant medicine (CAM) is an alternative route where patients continue to receive conventional therapy, but counter complications and accelerate medical outcome in a natural way. CAM encompasses a range of modalities including dietary, vitamin supplements and herbal medicines.

The objectives of CAM treatments are:

  • Reduction of toxicity from therapy
  • Reduction of cancer-related symptoms
  • Strengthening of immune system
  • Direct anti-cancer effect

The basis of CAM relies on empirical evidence, case studies, as well as theoretic physiologic effects. In some cases, laboratory or clinical data lend support to these modalities. Careful research have proven that such therapies generally do not interfere with oncologist’s prescriptions.

The goal of our company is to assist patients and their families to recognize merit of CAM. We examine each patient’s condition on a case-by-case basis to ensure that a personalized treatment strategy is delivered.

Chronic and Degenerative Disease Management

We are also specialist in over-the-counter (OTC) products for chronic and degenerative disease management. We focus on offering breakthrough biomedical products that address age-related health problems. Our solutions are intended help to prevent chronic illnesses in the modern society so that we can extend and enhance our quality of life.

Scope of Chronic Diseases
Disease Stage
Intervention Model
Intervention Period
Tools / Products
Expertise Source
Acute Disease
Clinical Short term Prescriptive Drugs Specialist Physician
Chronic Diseases

(Symptomic Conditions)

Pharmacological Therapy 3-12 months Therapeutic / Complementary Medicine Physician
Chronic Diseases

(Asymptotic Conditions)

Pharmacological & Nutritional Therapy 12-36 months OTC / Complementary Medicine Physician / Pharmacist / Nutritionist
Health Maintenance & Disease Prevention
Personalised Diet & Life style regulation Long term Food & Health Supplement Dietitians / Self Management


Our complementary adjuvant medicinal advisory service center

We offer complimentary advisory service to help our customers select suitable health supplementation and adjuvant medication. The following are our focus areas:

Complementary Cancer Therapy

● Adjuvant chemotherapy
● Neo Adjuvant chemotherapy
● Alternative chemotherapy

Chemo prevention

● Cancer survivor
● Post cancer therapy
● High cancer risk prevention

Critical illness recovery

● Post surgery
● Post chemotherapy
● Post radiation therapy

Chronic Disease management

● Autoimmune & Hemolytic disorder
● Hepatic & Lipids disorder
● Nephrotic Syndrome disorder

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Scientific Panel

Mr. Lee Chee Cheow (M.Sc)
Clinical Scientist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacologist

Areas of research interests include: Herbal Combination & Integrated Medicine,
Nutriceutical Chemopreventive Therapy,
Transdermal Drug Delivery system.

Dr. Lee Chee Wee (Ph.D)
Adjunct Associate Professor. Department of Physiology, YLL School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

Professor Lee also holds a post doctoral fellowship at Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center and department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of Medicine, USA.

Areas of research interests include: Membrane Physiology, Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery Systems, Combination Chemotherapy.